RBM37R abrasive for metal

Abrasive for Metal – RBM37R

RBM37R is an abrasive wheel grade for metal, paper and ceramics.

It is a rubber bonded abrasive wheel manufactured with aluminium oxide or silicon carbide, most commonly used for cutting and slotting of metals, also used for “creasing” paper backing during the production of plasterboard. Available in a range of diameters from 16mm to 300mm and with minimum thickness of 0.4mm.


Features & Overview

Available in diameters from 15mm to 350mm and minimum thickness according to diamter in the following ranges:

  15mm < Diameter < 100mm < 0.4mm

101mm < Diameter < 150mm < 0.7mm

151mm < Diameter < 250mm < 1.0mm

201mm < Diameter < 300mm < 1.5mm

301mm < Diameter < 350mm < 2.0mm

Bond type Rubber
Hardness Medium
Maximum Speed 50 m/s

Features & Overview

DATA sheets (where applicable) and a voluntary product information sheet (VPI) are provided by the link(s) below. In Europe, abrasive wheels are classified as "Articles without intended release" under REACH regulations.

A material safety data sheet can be provided on request, please send your request to sales@marrose.com

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e-mail: sales@marrose.com

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