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Marrose Abrasives - Manufacturer of Rubber Bonded Abrasives

Formed in 1976 in Keighley, U.K, Marrose specialise in the manufacture of “Elastic” Abrasives with bond types of Rubber, Epoxy and PU.

Marrose products are used worldwide in the Aerospace, Engineering and Glass sectors

Elastic abrasives improve the surface finish on turbine blades, surgical implants, hip joints, surgical blades.

On glass Marrose wheels give the brightest polished edge.




Specialist Abrasives & Technology

A  range of high quality, technical abrasive products for achieving the best surface finish and polish on glass, metals and advanced aerospace materials.

abrasives for metal

Rubber bonded abrasives for polishing, de-burring, cutting / slitting and grinding are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and hardness grades for most engineering applications.

abrasives for glass

Marrose manufacture a range of high quality rubber (BK), epoxy (BD) and polyurethane (9R, 9RS, 10S) bonded abrasive wheels for polishing the edge of furniture and architectural glass.

Worldwide Distribution

Quality and Service

High Quality and Excellent Service are the benchmarks for customers purchasing Marrose products.

Investment in the latest CNC machinery and R&D ensure your orders are delivered on time, every time!

MARROSE Abrasives manufacture a full range of rubber bonded abrasives using modern CNC lathes and machining centres guaranteeing dimensional accuracy, consistent high quality and on time delivery of your orders.


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Marrose Abrasives have a vision for manufacturing excellence based on a solid foundation of technical knowledge; where everyone knows how to perform within their role, with leadership that guides; in a relentless drive to improve core values, and creates an efficient work flow; from raw materials to finished products, with the capability and manufacturing discipline that can respond to any challenge.

Tony Day - Managing Director

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Happy, Motivated, Quality Conscious, Efficient and Friendly.

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